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What we do

We monitor the price of the luxury watches using an automatic software, called "spider", able to surf the Web and register the selling price of the most coveted timepieces. We are able to reach thousands of watches every week (worth about hundreds of millions of USD) to have an idea of how the market is moving. We get many other informations about the market, such as how long it takes to sell a watch, the countries where the watches are located, new watches in the market, sold watches and so on...

How our site works

When we started to build our project, months before finally publishing the website, we often faced many questions that could be resumed with the usual «how does it work?». It is really hard to describe the computer language constructs, especially to those who are not into coding.
To make things easier and explain how it really works, we can take Google Engine as example. Oh, don't worry, we're not so foolish to compare ourselves to the "sacred monster" of Web, but it could be useful for explaining how our site works.

Have you ever wondered how Google Search works? How is it possible to search the Web? What does really happen when you do a Web Search? When you do it, on Google or any other kind of Search Engine (from the very first such as Altavista, Lycos or Web Crawler through all the competitors that have not arrived to these days), you aren't actually searching the Web. You are searching Google's index of the Web, or at least, as much of it as Google can find.

This is possible thanks to software programs called spiders, or crawlers or more generally, bots. And now: how does a spider work? A spider starts by fetching a few Web pages, then it follows the links on those pages and fetches the pages they point to, and again it follows all the links on those pages and fetches the pages they link to and so on... and on... Those bots are instructed and follow the rules coded in any website.

And so?! How does our website work? We have implemented our little spider that surfs the Web and creates our special index. It has been coded to find out the most important luxury watches and to store some information like the price they have been proposed with for selling. We keep track of all the prices for every week and month and all this data allows us to show the price trend of the most famous luxury watches.

There are many important differences between our bot and GoogleBot (Google spider's name), or at least for what we know about it. But we hope this simple comparison helps you to understand how our site works.

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