Rolex GMT Master 2 16760 (Fat Lady)

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A Rolex GMT Master 2 16760 Mark 2

Rolex GMT Master 2 16760 is a watch produced by Rolex until 1988. It is the first reference of GMT Master 2 (3 time zones) and in general the first GMT Master to have a sapphire crystal. It's called Fat Lady by the international collectors for the greater thickness of the case. Even the crown guards are thicker than any other GMT Master.

Batch of production

It has been produced for 5 years, from 1983 to 1988.

Marks of production

Mark 1

Serial numbers 8.3* and 8.4*. Due to the absence of the word "DATE" on the dial, this mark is called "No Date": directly under "ROLEX", there is the "OYSTER PERPETUAL" written instead of "OYSTER PERPETUAL DATE".

Mark 2

From serial 8.4* to 9.4*. The word "DATE" is added to "OYSTER PERPETUAL".

Mark 3

From serial 9.4 to R*. To recognize at a glance a Mark 3 from a Mark 2, pay attention to "SWISS - T < 25", in this mark the "I" in "SWISS" lines up directly above the 31 minute mark.

Rolex GMT Master 2 16760 Mark 3.png

Insert bezel

The 16760 has been marketed only with the insert red and black.


Rolex calibre 3085.