Rolex Seadweller

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Rolex Seadweller is a dive watch produced by Rolex from 1967. Except for some very rare case, it is the unique Rolex dive watch with helium escape valve.



Deepsea is the name of a special watch made in 60s by Rolex able to reach the Mariana Trench to a depth of around 11,000 meters. Nowadays Rolex uses the name Deepsea to produce a new-generation divers' watch engineered for extreme depths.

Deepsea regularly produced

Special Deepsea

Exceptions of Rolex watches with or without helium valve

There is a particular and extremely rare Seadweller 1665 without helium escape valve (called single red). And there are even some Submariner models with helium escape valve (a bunch of 5513 and all the 5514)