Rolex Seadweller 1665 Big White

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The main feature of Rolex Seadweller Big White (mark 0): the wider "SEA-DWELLER" written

Rolex Seadweller 1665 Big White is a dive watch produced by Rolex in a bunch of pieces, known as Mark 0.

Batch of production

Only a handful of 1665 Mark 0 have been found nowadays. All of these, have the serial number in a very precise range inside the 5,175 millions (from 5,175,4xx to 5,175,6xx).

Features of the watch

This extremely rare mark inherits some details from the double red Seadwller and brings forward some other ones for the following white Marks of the 1665.


The dial has been made by Lemrich&Cie. The written "SEA-DWELLER" is wider than the others marks (and this is why it is called Big White).

Comparison with mark 1

As you can see in the next picture, Seadweller mark 1 (on the right) has a shorter written for the word "SEA-DWELLER" than the mark 0 (on the left):

Rolex Seadweller 1665 comparison mark 0 mark 1.jpg